About Bobsled Brothers Fund

Bobsled Brothers Fund was created to address the limitations of bobsled athletes to be able to fund their aspirations of representing our country in their sport. In today’s world of rising expenses and decreased accessibility to resources, we work to provide our amateur athletes support so that they can focus on their performance.

Why We Do It

Our founder, Shane Fisher, had trained for over 7 years as an amateur athlete, without the support of sponsors or scholarships. Independent athletes don’t get the access to facilities and coaching that collegiate athletes do, and they have less opportunities available when it comes to both funding and training. This requires raising capital individually, typically through full-time careers.

Unfortunately, this can be a barrier to entry for many aspirational athletes, as the training itself is a large commitment in time and energy. We aim to support these individuals in accomplishing their goals by removing this monetary hurdle so that they can allot their time to what they do best: Bobsled.

How We Do It

The establishment of the Bobsled Brothers Fund, LLC as a not-for-profit organization was intended to support amateur bobsled athletes in their expenses during the competitive season. Team USA Bobsled athletes do not receive a stipend or monetary support for competing, and most end up spending their own money to represent our country. With BBF, we assist athletes with costs such as: travel, lodging, meals, equipment, and more; to ensure that they can compete as their healthiest and most focused selves. We also provide guidance and organizational help throughout the year, easing the stressors and workload placed on independent athletes as they navigate through their competitive seasons.